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  • A blockbuster for all to see
    Fiji Times, Fiji -
    ... Then, Fiji Golf Club in Suva so discouraged non-whites, that even Fijian and Indo-Fijian government ministers (including Ratu Mara and Jonati Mavoa) often ...
  • Ministry bids for extra cash
    Fiji Times, Fiji -
    ... Mr Raj the Indo-Fijian community and minority communities were helped from this budget on projects for community halls, footpaths, water tanks and sanitation ...
  • Parties back extra cash plea
    Fiji Times, Fiji -
    ... graduating. He said the number of applicants from underprivileged Indo-Fijian and other minority communities increased every year. "This ...
  • One name for all: Poll
    Fiji Times, Fiji -
    ... As for the term for those of Indian descent 38 per cent agreed to the term Indo Fijian, 28 per cent were for the term Indian, while 16 per cent went with Fiji ...
  • Rugby league's finest gear up
    Fiji Times, Fiji -
    ... international teams. "We also have a Indo-Fijian player who has been in the team right throughout this competition. "Anol Rupen ...
Indo-Fijians are people born in Fiji, but are ethnically Indian. The constitution of Fiji defines "Indian" as anybody who can trace, through either the male or the female line, their ancestry back to anywhere on the Indian subcontinent. They are mostly descended by indentured labourers brought by Fiji's British colonial rulers between 1879 and 1916 to work on Fiji's sugar plantations. These were complemented by the later arrival of Gujarati and Sikh immigrants.

Indo-Fijians comprised the majority of the population in the 1970s, but by 2000 this had declined to 43.7 percent, because of a higher ethnic-Fijian birthrate and particularly because of the greater tendency of Indo-Fijians to emigrate. Emigration accelerated following the coups of 1987 (which removed an Indo-Fijian-supported government from power and, for a time, ushered in a constitution that discriminated against them in numerous ways) and 2000 (which removed an Indo-Fijian Prime Minister from office).

The majority of Indo-Fijians are Hindi speakers, with large minorities speaking Tamil, Bihari, and Punjabi, among others. Almost all Indo-Fijians are also fluent in English, and in the younger generation, English appears to be gradually replacing Indian languages.

About 75 percent of Indo-Fijians are Hindus and a further 16 percent are Muslims. Christians comprise about 6 percent of the Indo-Fijian population, while about 1 percent are members of the Sikh faith. The remaining 2 percent are nonreligious.

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